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Benefits of Argan oil - 7 things you need to know

Argan Oil Benefits You Should Know

Argan Oil Benefits You Should Know

The Argan tree is well known throughout Morocco a being the “tree of life.” This tree preserves the animals of the local individuals with it’s leaves and fresh fruits. The Argan tree is also the main producer of the kernels that are used to make natural Argan oil. There are a large variety of Argan oil benefits, this is probably the number on reason why locals call this oil a “miracle ingredient” or at times the “miracle oil” that is used within many different beauty products. Over many years, natural Argan oil has developed it’s very own niche in the wellness market and Western skin care market. To help you understand more about the values of this essential organic oil, below are a few of he great benefits that it holds.

Can Protect and Treat The Skin

Triterpenoids are the active ingredients that can be found in Argan oil and have been known to cure both scars and tissues. The even possess sun-protecting, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties. Argan oil also consists of unsaponifiables, which are able to help the skin preserve the amount of moisture it has while boosting the skins metabolic process.

Contains Attributes That Are Anti-Aging

Items that contain Argan oil are very popular because of their anti-aging attributes. This is due to the oils anti-oxidants and high content of Vitamin E. Antioxidants can help by reducing the effects of the injuries that are caused by toxins found in the body. Natural Argan oil is also known to bring back the skin’s hydro-lipid stratum, which can help in reducing wrinkles and also fade away fine lines.

Promotes Digestive Health

Essential Argan oil has specialized plant sterols that can not be found in any other essential oils. These plant sterols have proven to be able to control the levels of cholesterol in the intestines. Plant sterols may also have elements that can help battle cancer. Natural Argan oil helps to facilitate the functions of the digestive system since it will increase the concentration of pepsin in the gastric juices. Natural Argan oil contains flavonoids that consist of natural anti-inflammatory properties very useful to the intrinsic functions of the body.

Help Reduce Levels of Bad Blood Cholesterol

Natural Argan oil has an abundant content of oleic acid, which makes it very effective at reducing the unnecessary amounts of cholesterol in the blood. This oleic acid will not only reduce bad cholesterol, however it will also increase the good cholesterol levels at the same time.

Enhance The Immune System Of The Body

Besides oleic acid, essential Argan oil also has many other kinds of acid that can be changed into prostaglandins. These help to enhance the body’s immune system and relieve many different types of cardiovascular problems.

Great For Skin Care

The many Argan oil benefits that this oil possesses, make it great to add with skin care. It is able to soothe many different skin issues including pimples, psoriasis, dry eczema and chickenpox.

Useful In Massage Therapy

Due to the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of Argan oil, it is very beneficial when it comes to massages. It may help to relive sore joints as well as soothe aches in muscles.

When you are purchasing an oil product, always ensure that you learn about the benefits that it has so you get your money’s worth.