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Coconut oil versus pure argan oil for hair

Coconut oil versus pure argan oil

Everyone wants a beautiful head of hair and you need to work hard in order to get the same. A smooth and shiny head of hair requires regular care and nourishment. What could be better than using natural oils for your hair? When it comes to using natural oils for the hair then there are several names that come to mind and among the top are coconut oil and pure argan oil. Pure argan oil for hair has been used for a very long time now and the same can be stated for coconut oil as well. However, you need to choose between one as obviously you cannot use them both.

We are here to list certain differences between pure argan oil for hair and coconut oil for hair so that you can decide in a better manner. It is always the smart way to choose, by comparing the two options you have. Let us first begin by listing certain benefits of both pure argan oil for hair and coconut oil.

The pros of using pure argan oil for hair

You all must know that argan oil is extracted from the seeds of argan tree and this tree is majorly found in some parts of Morocco. Thus this oil is also known as Moroccan oil and most people also refer to it as ‘liquid gold’ and it is all thanks to its amazing properties. You will be pleasantly surprised to note that this oil can do wonders for your hair and give you perfect and shiny hair, like you always wanted. Pure argan oil for hair works for one and all and everyone can make the most of it.

  • If you have frizzy and unmanageable hair then pure argan oil for hair is your best friend. It will help in giving the required moisture in the hair and make them shiny and smooth.
  • Pure argan oil for hair can be regarded as an all-in-one product for the hair as it works as a repair treatments and heat protectant.
  • The life today is very stressful and in such situations it becomes very difficult to manage the hair and keep them in a good shape. Pure argan oil for hair can help you with that as it makes the hair smooth and makes them more manageable than ever.
  • If you hair lack elasticity then too pure argan oil for hair is one of the best treatments you can get.

These were some of the major benefits that you can avail by using pure argan oil for hair. Overall it is one of the most sought after natural hair oils used for the hair.

Pros of using coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil has been known as wonderful oil for the hair and it has amazing properties that can make your hair look stunning. Women love using coconut oil for their hair as it is natural and works wonders for dry as well as oily scalp. It helps in maintaining the required balance in the hair thus keeping them totally nourished. Another good thing about coconut oil is that it protects the hair from the inside as well as from the outside. As per the hair experts coconut oil has low molecular weight which makes it simpler for it to get into the hair shaft.

Just like pure argan oil for hair, coconut oil too is quite preferred and recommended by the hair experts. You will forget the meaning of damaged hair once you use coconut oil regularly for your hair. By now you would have understood that both coconut oil and pure argan oil are great for the hair. It is really difficult to choose between the two as both have useful ingredients and qualities. But if you have to choose any one from the two then read further to compare the two.

Pure argan oil vs. coconut oil for hair

The dilemma among pure argan oil for hair and coconut oil for hair can be resolved in a simple manner if you know what kind of oil to use for different kinds of hair. For instance if you have frizzy hair then the experts would certainly recommend using pure argan oil for hair rather than coconut oil as the former will be more effective than the latter. Pure argan oil has smaller molecules that can conveniently penetrate through the hair.

Pure argan oil for hair is also a better option because it provides the required nourishment and shine to the hair. Pure argan oil for hair rejuvenates the hair and repairs them from any kind of damage. Argan oil has been used as a treatment for rough and unmanageable hair for a very long time now and the popularity of pure argan oil for hair has only increased with time. You will observe that the experts these days use pure argan oil for many of their hair treatments. Pure argan oil has many useful ingredients such as vitamin E and plenty of antioxidants that are actually quite good for the hair.

Pure argan oil for hair certainly has an edge over coconut oil which you can clearly make out from the above discussion. In a nutshell, pure argan oil for hair is a treatment that is known to show fantastic results on people. The same stands true for coconut oil as well but argan oil so one of the best ways to decide the best among the two is by using both of them on your hair. It is only through usage that you will understand the effect of the oil on your hair and the facts that can it actually help you with your hair issues?

Pure argan oil for hair is miraculous undoubtedly and you will find many examples supporting the same. Coconut oil too is quite useful in ways more than one. You cannot undermine one in front of the other as both the oils are natural one have great properties to look out for.

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