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What is argan oil?

Argan Oil

Argan Oil The most rare oil in the world

Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful? Who doesn’t want to have that drop-dead gorgeous look? We can’t deny the fact that beauty can boost one’s self-confidence. Why? This is due to the fact that the outer appearance is the initial asset that one can show off and can be easily acknowledged by the public. In simple terms, beauty is the primary judgment of the public to a certain person. In this materialistic world that we are living in, it is an undeniable statement that people as we are, we tend to be judgmental. Admit it or not, in a certain point of your life, you were able to judge a person based on his physical aspects. Don’t worry, it may not be ethically or morally right, thus, you are only human and you are given the mind to make certain decisions and judgment. This is also the reason why, at present, more and more people are getting vain with regards to getting beautiful. From the most expensive and famous foundation to the most effective vitamins for the skin, people, particularly women, will do everything to have those beauty products that they desire. There are a lot of famous brands of beauty products that modern women are after such as MAC, Estee Lauder, Cover Girl, etc.

Famous in Hollywood…

Thus, there is this one beauty product that is getting famous, nowadays, most especially in Hollywood. It was a secret but not anymore since it is already known to be used by famous Hollywood stars like Eva Mendes and it is called Argan Oil. What is Argan Oil? This is a kind of oil being produced from the kernels of an Argan Tree. Where can you find it? Well, it is most abundant in Morocco and from there, this plant oil is famous because of its cosmetic benefits. Aside from its cosmetic properties, Argan Oil is also famous for its nutritive and medicinal purposes. Can you just imagine how effective this type of oil is? Hollywood stars use this! Just by that, you can really say that this is a type of plant oil that is reliable and efficient. Do you know that this plant oil has already been used from way, way back? We’re talking not just by years here but centuries!

Morocco the home land of Argan Oil

From where this Argan Tree originally found (Morocco), Berber women were already able to discover its beauty secrets. Let us journey back and let us find out how this plant oil had its title of being the Moroccan elixir. Argan oil is said to be a beautiful golden oil that appears to have a little reddish tinge. Do you know that Argan tree is difficulty to grow? How is this so? Argan tree can be exceptionally well-adapted to drought and other weather conditions in Morocco. Thus, it does not grow anywhere in the said place. There are only little, small and very specific growing areas for these plants. This is also why Argan oil is said to be one of the rarest oils in the world. With regards to the traditional way of extracting the Argan oil from its tree, ethnic groups from Morocco would gather undigested Argan pits from the waste of goats since these animals climb the Argan tree and eat the fruit. The Berbers then grind and press these pits in order to extract the nutty oil that would be used for cooking and/or cosmetic purposes. See how amazing the traditional practices are?

The process of making Argan Oil

The modern times bring a different practice with regards to extraction of Argan oil from its tree. Now, there are machines which automatically do the pressing and grinding of fruits that are found in this tree. Despite this high technology advancement, there are still certain steps to be followed in order to expertly extract the Argan oil from the kernels of the tree. With regards to culinary purposes, this Argan oil can be used for salads, bread dipping and the like. Aside from this, this plant oil also introduces nutrients to the body since there are already claims of such. Also, researchers were able to study this plant oil and were able to conclude that it brings various health benefits such as prevention of cancer, weight issues such as obesity and other illnesses like cardiovascular diseases.

The cosmetic purposes

On the other side of it, this plant oil offers cosmetic purposes since this is used to effectively treat skin diseases and provides nutrients for the hair and skin. This was found to be a moisturizing oil which is ideal for those who have dry skin and hair. Also, this has been proved to treat acne particularly those type that are famous for teens in their age or also known as “juvenile acne”. Moreover, this plant oil greatly benefits those who are experiencing burns. With Argan oil, burns can heal faster compared with other medical interventions. These are only some of the purposes of this plant oil. Now, if you will be asked ‘what is Argan oil?’ you can be able to share your own ideas. Being vain enough, you might think that you have to go to Morocco just to have this. Well, fortunately, you don’t because there are already products in which this type of oil can be found such as Kiehl’s and Morrocanoil. However, if you can have the actual, pure and original product, you can be able to just mix a small amount with your usual conditioner, leaving it for half an hour, focusing on the tips and ends, will surely give you the kind of beautiful hair that you have never imagined to have. Furthermore, if you can be able to leave this overnight, this brings more secret wonders to your hair and you will just find it out upon waking up. This will surely give you a very ‘good morning’.

Upon reading this article, you might now have your own judgment with regards to Argan oil. So, if you will be asked ‘what is Argan oil?’, what will you be able to share?